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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 26, 2014 11:35pm-12:01am EST

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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news washington weekly, on your side. >> why did he do it? that is the question police are trying to answer following yesterday's deadly shooting at columbia mall. offer say darion aguilar killed two people before taking his own
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life. columbia mall is set to reopen tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. seth has more. >> police have now put a name to the man. >> darion aguilar is the shooter. ande took a cab to the mall walked around for about an hour before approaching a skateboarding shop, where he used a shotgun to kill two employees. andear-old mother brianna tyler. >> no known relationship between our shooter and are victims. >> police efforts were hampered by worries that the shooter had explosives. witnessednever anything like this in my life. >> survivors are still reliving the terrifying experience. >> it was so close. you knew that there were gunshots. >> people started running and screaming and then i heard it again. boom, boom, boom.
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shoppersthinking by may have saved lives. >> we put everyone in the back room and lock the doors until the swat team came. >> we crouched on top of the so that we would not be seen in the dressing room. >> family friends told abc news they are just as surprised as anyone. >> darion was a good kid. i do not know what happened. he just got a promotion at work. he was going to school next master. >> authorities are trying to piece together what led him to kill these two people at the mall in columbia, maryland. they searched his mother's house, where he lived in college park, hoping to find more answers. expected to be a big week for president obama. tuesday night, he will deliver his state of the union address, which you can see right here on
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abc seven. earlier tonight, i spoke with the transportation reporter for politico about some of the themes of the president will discuss. theme is the one the white house has been talking about a lot recently, economic inequality in general. the goes with a lot of other, smaller items on the agenda. obamacare, universal education, minimum wage. that is the big theme, economic inequality and the idea of increasing so that people in the lower or middle class can reach the upper class. >> jay carney and dan pfeiffer were out and they were saying resident resident -- p was going to play hardball this year. >> they said they would do as much as they can by executive order.
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they have been trying to do this for a few years and it has had mixed success. some government controls got done, gun control legislation ended up stalling in congress. it is a strategy that has worked for them before. whether it can work on these bigger issues is an open question. >> the new york times had an interesting article saying that 2013, the president govern as a prime minister. 2014, they want him to be more like a president. mentioned, on his agenda, those big issues like immigration reform. >> that was something of a glimmer of hope. it seems like house republicans do want to get something passed, which, for a while, they were not doing anything on the immigration reform front. forpresident's vision immigration reform is something we will have to see.
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it is not clear if house republicans will go for a path to citizenship. >> thank you. people gathered on the national mall to protest the wadeversary of the roe v. decision, which legalized abortion. protesters marched along constitution avenue to capitol hill and then the supreme court. organizers said the event was adoption. pope francis also showed his support for the march and tweeted that he sent prayers to the marchers. target says it will no longer offer health care coverage to part-time employees. they cite new options available under the affordable care act. the company says less than 10% of part-time employees enroll. target also announced it is cutting nearly 500 employees and eliminating 700 vacant positions. the layoffs are tied to slow
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holiday sales and losses from the massive security breach. new details in a story that you saw first here on 7. a woman says she got on a bus to stay warm but us ash but instead was insulted -- assaulted by a bus driver. facing 47-year-old is felony sex offense and assault charges. kevin lewis explains what led to the arrest. cold decembertter evening. lmeus -- to documents, lemus was smoking a cigarette and his bus sign read not in service. heh chili commuters nearby, alleged that he invited a woman on board to stay warm but in turn, fondled her genitals and buttocks. she told him no and that it was not ok. the woman escaped while pushing to the buses front door.
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>> that is wrong. >> it is horrible and scary. rex fellow female commuters were taken aback by the news. she could not imagine what was going through. it is the last thing you would expect. >> a native of el salvador, lemus did not answer the door at his only time home -- townhome of nine years. >> i have no idea why he would do that. there was not any indication that there was anything wrong with him. bus was equipped with four cameras and a tracking device. police will not say if the attack was caught on tape. >> i could not picture anyone in their right mind doing anything like that. on your side tonight with a health alert. two northern virginia hospitals have changed their visitation policies due to the rising number of flu cases. those under the age of 16 are
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prevented from visiting. anyone with flulike symptoms is also banned. those who visit may be asked to wear facemasks. alexandria, fairfax, and pharaoh. one child has died from the flu in northern virginia. some good news for taxpayers. the irs is close to accepting tax returns. why the original date was pushed back. selfie landedw a a young man in jail. i am steve rudin in the weather center. temperatures will rise during the overnight hours. a cold front tomorrow. temperatures go down from there. we will talk about how cold it will get.
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>> looking at the week ahead, monday, the corruption trial of former new orleans mayor ray nagin. he is accused of accepting bribes and kick ax while in office. a federal judge ruled that potential jurors will not be asked a series of questions proposed by his defense attorney. ony've all the understanding the difference between a charge and a conviction and preconceived notions of people charged with federal crimes. one more note about president obama's delivery of the state of the union address on tuesday.
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a senior administration official is saying that the speech will include a healthy dose of what they called the income equality message that the white house has focused on in recent weeks. the president is expected to discuss energy and college affordability. congresswomante kathy mcmoran -- cathy mcmorris rodgers will deliver the republican response rate on friday, the internal revenue service will begin processing tax returns. it was changed from january 21 because of the government shutdown. the delay gives them time to program and test tax processing systems. they are encouraged to use e-files or free-files as the past -- the fastest way to receive refunds. the polar vortex is back for the first time this winter.
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>> a study finds that more d.c. residents have given up their cars. an annual report by the university of michigan says that as of 2000 12, nearly 40% of the sea households do not own a vehicle. that ranks washington behind only new york city for non-automobile households. baltimore, boston, philadelphia, and san francisco all rank high. more than 30% of people in those cities do not own vehicles. now is your chance to check out all kinds of cars, in case you
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needed one, in the 40%. without getting behind the wheel. the washington auto show is taking place at the convention center. it ends one week from tonight. vehiclesme of those have the automatic starters, because we will need it. >> and the heated seats. temperatures are actually going to increase through the overnight hours. isn't that strange? the cold front moves through and it just so happens it will be midday tomorrow. it will happen just before the afternoon hours. we will see daytime highs in the morning. wereagan national airport, have not moved. it is 29 degrees. look at the wind. air is no wind chill out there. that is a welcome change. at this time tomorrow, we will see wind gusts 25-30 miles per
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hour. the average for this day was 44 degrees. the record was 79 degrees in 1950. five degrees back in 1948. silver spring this hour, looking at 25 degrees and a higher earlier today of 31 degrees. it is 30 degrees at george washington university in the district. fluctuating temperatures here, now it is 31 degrees. annandale looking at 29 degrees. temperatures are up 2 degrees from last hour. 25 degrees in gaithersburg. out at maryland, hanging around 40 degrees. surprised, by tomorrow morning, if we see temperatures in the lower 40's. 14 degrees in chicago, 27 degrees in detroit. then this cold front comes racing through. this happens around 11:00,
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12:00. up wind will begin to kick and the temperatures will drop quick way. drop into theill teens for a couple of hours around sterling and ashford. those temperatures will steadily rise as we move through the overnight. it is quiet and dry right now. we may see a few snow showers tomorrow afternoon. not expecting any accumulations. it will be cold air and gusty wind. this is our futurecast. temperatures will rebound by about 5:00 tomorrow morning. we movet happens as through the day. the cold front moves by. by 3:00 in the afternoon, just about 30 degrees. 9:00 tomorrow night, back into the teens. the big story will be waking up tuesday morning. we are talking single digits. widespread single digits, all the way from frederick and gaithersburg to dcm manassas.
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, it is going to be a very cold start to the day on tuesday. the good news, it will only last for a couple of days. warmer temperatures during the morning hours tomorrow. 17 degrees is your high on tuesday. around 40 degrees why the upcoming weekend. >> let's hope that is a trend going into february. >> i hope. disappointing for a lot of folks here. fairfax county residents will have to wait a bit longer to shop at wegmans. openplanned store will not this year as planned. a spokesperson said the design of the story is taking longer than expected to get the permit and get it ill. -- built. it should open sometime next year. coming up, how a selfie
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>> 7 on your side and getting results. explainwoman named to how she was using technology to track down the man who stole her iphone. it turns out that the thief took a picture of himself on her phone. after our story aired, someone identified him and he turned himself in. jay korff has the story you will only see here on abc 7.
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>> all of a sudden, i feel these knuckles hit my head. >> on january 9, while walking in capitol hill, 2 men attacked her from behind. >> in the beginning, i thought this was the knockout game. >> they took her iphone, but not before she got a good look at the person she says stole her property. mythe voice that came to mind was get a good description and run like hell. >> she said the unimaginable happened. after opening her computer and signing on to the cloud. >> it is my attacker. i am shocked and dismayed and scared and thinking, what an idiot. he took a selfie on my phone, not knowing that it was uploaded to my istream. hishe says she recognized eyes and the sweat shirt he was wearing during the attack. >> he had no idea what he was doing. he was being a teenager and taking a selfie. #youaredumb.
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>> she says that since the attack, she has been afraid to leave her apartment. now this tech-savvy college graduate is coming forward so the scales of justice will tilt in her favor. >> i want to make the sea home and i do not want him to steal my peace of mind. >> steve has a final look at the forecast next. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone online for just $89.99 a month for one year and we'll triple your speed with a free upgrade to fios quantum internet for 12 months. plus get a second bonus: $250 back with a two-year agreement. fios is 100% fiber optic, so you get america's fastest, most reliable internet, with upload speeds twi as fast as cable. tthere's no better way to upload, downloaoad or strem hd quality video on all your devices at once.
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